Fertility Boost


INCREASE your chance of conceiving with a dedicated fertility coaching support.

My name is Isabelle DURIEUX, I am an international Fertility Coach. I have created the « MY MIND-BODY METHOD ». The aim is to enhance your fertility potential using great mind-body techniques in a natural way.

I will help you to bring softness to your mindset to be more positive, calm and confident. I will also guide you on how to improve your fertility.

For Natural conception and IVF.

Nourish your body and mind to increase your chance of conceiving.

This package includes:

  • A 60-minute virtual session to understand your current situation and your specific needs.
  • A personalized holistic approach for maximizing your fertility
  • Email / WhatsApp support
  • A 60-minute virtual session to go through self-care strategies such as breathing techniques for fertility, fertility yoga poses and fertility guided visualization
  • A 30-minute virtual session : focus on a healthy diet for fertility (to improve egg /embryo quality, to maximize implantation, to increase the chance of conceiving).